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  1. Hey Steve, great project!

    Ive noticed that you've used spray laquer in a few of your projects. I tried this on a few projects of mine (rebel alliance logo clock that I made for my husbands bday & a 3D chess board). However, I'm not sure if I sprayed the laquer too much, too little, from too far away or maybe too close because it kind of made the grain a bit rough. I sanded the projects to a really smooth finish before spraying the laquer. Maybe the brand I used?

    Can you give a southern girl some tips on what I could be doing wrong or what/how I should be laquering the projects? Thanks so much & keep up the awesome ideas & work! Love ❤️ your channel.

  2. Very attractive and precise frames.
    When you mentioned dodecagon, I thought you were going to use Incra miter gauge to get the required precision. But you managed to get the needed accuracy by using a digital angle gauge.
    Just as you cut the bevel for the entire length in one go (for the second batch), would it not be convenient to cut the continuous slot also in one go instead of having to use the router later?

  3. The tape trick to band the segments works better if you face the pieces down and then can press the tape onto the wood.  Also, in any line-up like this, it helps to make a layout board with stops/fences at 90 degrees so you can just line the pieces up quickly, then apply tape.  And, you don't have to use a long strip of tape at first:  attach each next piece of wood with a short bit of tape to secure in place, then when you have the whole layout, do another piece of tape the whole length.  The tape trick does work really well.  Nice project with the dohecx whatever!