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Here’s a fun flower pot or planter you can make with scrap wood. Experiment with the bevels to find and angle that works well. More on this project: …



  1. The math is quite easy, number of slats wanted (strips) say 12 strips divide by 360 degrees gives 30 degrees so each slat will get a 15 degree angle on each side which equals the 30 degrees. To get a bigger diameter just make the slats wider.
    This is the process that I use to make bowls etc on my lathe. Cheaper than trying to find large blocks of wood to turn.

  2. I recently found your youtube channel and am going through your old videos for inspiration and entertainment. love your way of presentation with a great sense of humour!
    you probably figured it out by now: the sum of the angle is always 180 degree to go all the way round.
    dividing that by the angle you choose, you get the number of corners/sides. with 12 degree it should have been 15 pieces.
    The smaller the angle the deviation gets more significant (in this example multiplied by 15).

    starting to pick up woodworking myself after about 20 years of abstinence when I lived in apartments with no room for a shop. Last year I had my own house built and set up a garden hut 3×3.8m which I will equip as soon as it is no longer freezing cold shudder