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I’ll be back with a regular project video on July 11. Until then, here’s a shop tour that viewers have been asking for. —————- Support free woodworking …



  1. Thanks for the tour of your shop.  I have just recently discovered your videos here, and I have been on a youtube binge catching up.  You have great videos, and, having been mightily irritated by shows like the new yankee workshop, where every obscure woodworking tool known to man is hanging on his walls…I find your approach and happy friendly attitude and skills to be so much more useful, entertaining, and just basicly fun.   Love the old Ford by the way.  

  2. Hey Steve, how about stating your measurements in metric as well as the old imperial measurement.   As 95% of the world is metric, not many of your viewers now understand inches and feet etc.,,,,  well that is, except for those in the US, and old codgers like me that can still remember what they mean.   So how about getting with the rest of the world hey?