terça-feira, agosto 11, 2020
Início Marcenaria UNDERTALE. Scroll Saw Art. SANS & PAPYRUS


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  1. not time travel—or even SF—but I just finished reading the Paper Magician series, by Charlie Holmberg. it's YA, and a bit romancey, but the story was so engaging I basically read the whole trilogy non-stop. I haven't gotten that drawn in by a book in a while. the main character had a couple of moments of short-sightedness that were hard to forgive, but they were in character and age-appropriate, so I got over it (she's 19-21 through the series, so the odd stupid mistake makes sense—I was probably much worse at her age).

    the other thing I really enjoyed, a few months ago, was NPCs, by Drew Hayes. the main characters are NPCs in someone's role-playing game, and I felt like it was a pretty original take on that idea. I think I've read literally everything Hayes has written, now.

  2. The Dosadi Experiment is a really, really good and different sort of sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert (the same author as the Dune series!) and is worth checking out since I feel it gets little recognition. It's technically the sequel to another book (Whipping Star) but I read Dosadi first and it's perfectly good on its own.

  3. Keep the old scroll saw! Nothing you buy today will be as good! I have one just like yours and refurbed it a bit. Got it at a garage sale for $10.00. cleaned and painted it like new and put a light on it. Took a variable speed 1 hp motor off an old treadmill with the speed controller and it works far better than the newer one I've been using. It is more rigid and reliable.

  4. Hi Steve. I've recently bought a scroll saw with the intention of doing these kind of designs. What blade did you use, a spiral blade? What size? Tried using regular blades but find it awkward re-orientating the piece; you don't need to re-orientate the piece when using spiral blades and can make more intricate cuts. Thanks!


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