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In this video I address the doom community and will attempt to alleviate the concerns of fear-stricken people who watched yesterday’s Woodworking for Mere Mortals video. Yesterday’s WWMM project:…



  1. So your ramping things up by building things that will burn peoples houses down AND deplete the earth of it's entire electric supply?! How shameful Steve! It's amazing that you actually build stuff without checking in with all the fear mongers! I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight knowing all of this. You sir area rebel!

  2. Funny stuff, Steve. I have an 8-outlet power strip in the garage, with nine adapters charging nine batteries for our lawn care stuff (weed eaters, trimmers, chain saw, etc). Hasn't burned down the house yet – though it could by morning. Actually, the whole thing only draws about 60-watts (a light bulb). Don't know when I'll need the tools, so the thing only gets turned off and back on again once a year – at the start of summer to fully recycle the batteries before heavy use.

  3. Power strips DO NOT use power all the time. They are simply a line of outlets wired in parallel. They are no different then the common house outlet, just several of them in one spot and will NOT draw power until something is plugged into it. The chargers use power at all times when plugged in because chargers are nothing more than a power converter. But the drain is so minimal you would have to have 50 of them plugged in to see a penny on your electric bill. Lastly just because there are several chargers that are producing heat doesn't mean their combined heat will cause a fire. If there are 5 chargers and each one gets up to lest say 120 degrees, The hottest the box will ever get is…wait for it…120 DEGREES!!!!!!!!!!! Great vid Steve. People are idiots

  4. After using dollar store power strips at home and professionally for 20+ years, the only time there has been a heat problem has been from the device plugged in being defective or damaged. Usually the 'on-off' switch is also a breaker in case there is a problem. Chargers or wall-warts have never caused me any problems, and they are only active when something is ACTUALLY plugged in and charging. Chargers only 'charge' when a device completes the circuit (I've taken quite a few apart to see how they work) If you are still using a 5lb, 15 yr old, 12v+ charger for something… don't.
    While anything mass-produced will have occasional defects, assuming all of any product that has a 'UL' sticker is dangerous is ridiculous. I trust electrical engineers over comment trolls.

  5. Maybe they were using Kobalt strips, I had one explode on me just by turning it on with nothing plugged into it. I took it apart and removed the shut off switch that exploded and hard wired it out of the system, works great now. I think the circuit breakers in the wall system built into the house really work great, and being GFCI is also way better than the newer stuff for ground fault.