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It has been a month since the woodworking community joined together to raise money for Steve Ramsey’s New Porter Cable Table Saw. Steve Joins me in a one on one interview as I present him with…



  1. When Steve was talking about cutting everything with a hack saw…. thats were Im basicly at with my woodworking…. I'm just saying this that even with a hack saw it can be done. It take for ever. But with a little sweet music and peace of mind its not all that bad. Much love and thanks to all the woodbros..

  2. You know Souls, I am of the opinion that no matter how you do it, as long as you are doing it and enjoying what you do. That's what matters. It may take longer with a hacksaw (a coping saw works well too) but as you said, a little music, and peace of mind is all it takes. no matter how you get from point A to B, you know you will get there and when you do, the end result is where the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment kick in and you can sit back look at your project and say I did that!

  3. I missed this when it happened (I hadn't found the magic that is Steve and Laney on YouTube yet). I just wanted to throw out my two cents. I saw Steve's appreciation video a few months ago (just now finding your video Laney) and it nearly brought me to tears. I wish I could have been a part of the effort to make this happen. Very touching to see a community come together and help their fellow members. I was looking at the saw you guys got him very hard before I found the one I got.

  4. For those that has not seen Steve's new video this week please do so. The two of these guys have been such a great inspiration for me to get back into the shop and tinker…love them both. Laney congradulations on your new adventures and please for others don't forget to support Steve and the Mere mortals.

  5. I just want to say thank you to all you on youtube. All of you guys have taught me so much and im sure alot of others also. I know its alot of work to make those videos. I dont know how you guys can be building a project and making a video at the same time. Thats a talent in its self. If I was making youtube videos I would probably end up injuring myself trying to do both at the same time. No but seriously thanks alot. And both of you great vids.