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Kind of a specialized project, but one that I’ve been needing. I hope you enjoy the video! Get $50 off your first Casper mattress order▻ http://www.casper.com/wwmm Use promo code WWMM. DOWNLOAD…



  1. Ey Steve! Greetings from México. I just bought two GRR-RIPPERS on internet. I never saw them before, but watching your videos I knew that product. Thank you for this! I hope your sponsors pay you more now that this product can be sold to other countries. By the way. I´m going to build a whole wall of Shoji doors (japanese style) using Banak wood. But now that i bought the wood i can see the wooden boards (10 ft) are buckled (If i put them in the floor they have a small curve in the middle), how can I correct this? Cheers!

  2. Dude when is the next video coming? I like this one but look forward to fridays for the next one. The videos for your online woodworking class must be taking up all you time. And, oh ya…you probably want to spend time with your family also. That's pretty fun too.