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  1. Hey!!!! some of us still have biscuit joiners from the dark ages with the perverbial 10,000 piece supply of biscuits. Use them still to keep the joint in line – no not for strength…i always scrape the glue because 99% of my projects are stained. Also I put wax paper between the clamp bars and the wood to keep the rust (or any discoloration) off of the wood. Very hard to sand out…got tired of sanding and bought a small wide belt type sander. Saw black spots on the back side of the glue up when you took it out of the clamps hahahaha…

  2. thank you for showing the difference between joining and jointing. I now believe I understand the difference. serious question though. Instead of having a jointer or making that jig why not just use the rip fence and rip both sides of the board? I'm showing my ignorance here but that is a serious question.

  3. Steve, good video.  Regarding the comment on Biscuit Joiners, I bought one for the same idea — use it to align long boards.  My experience gluing them together before was to find the edges offset and this required a lot of sanding.  (Even with clamping in the center) After using the Biscuit Joiner, I still had the same problem.  The one I bought makes a wide groove for the Biscuit and it did not help out with alignment.  I also found the area with the Biscuit had bulged.  I plan to sell my Biscuit Joiner.  I am still looking for the best way to join long solid wood boards showing no gap.

  4. OK Steve, You talk about using the jig with the table saw as a jointer and how not to use the jig for both sides of the board. But what if you use a jointer? Should I joint one side of the board and then run it through the table saw against the fence for the other side? Or can I joint both sides?

  5. Hi all. i'm building or attempting to build a table (i'm new to this). I'm using 3 1x10s. I initially planned on using kreg jig to pocket join them but i'm having second thoughts based on what i've read on similar videos, bc of expansion/contraction. I'm now considering doweling bc its less expensive than buying biscuit joiner. My question is……can i just glue them? Thanks in advance.