My garage has gotten totally out of hand. SO, John and I are building workbenches! Best of all, we’re using plans and guidance from the incredible… Steve …



  1. I've been a follower of Steve's channel for years and I wanted to check something on his BMW video but instead of looking up his video, I searched for basic mobile workbench and found this. Good job guys. I made a small, sturdy and heavy workbench yesterday without any plans. No table saw was used to get the material dimensional though. I used Sapele that I scored off huge speciality pallets for the frame and recycled melamine doors (double layer) for the top. Also took about 5 hours but that included getting all the tools out etc. The plan is to add another frame to one end onto which I will fit my portably Ryobi table saw. I definitely need to add castors for mobility because I will be storing it in the garage but have to take it out to the carport when I'm working. Also, I need to fit the router and its mounting plate into the table top.