1. Steve,

    I have been an avid subscriber for a few years now and enjoy all your videos and posts. I have noticed that over the past year your videos have gone from the "in-the-moment" flow to more of a production-style "documentary" flow and seem a bit rushed. I expect that this is due to your growth as a videographer and salute your growth. That said, is there any way to bring back some of that in-the-moment feel to your videos? I always enjoyed the asides when you realized you had made a mistake, or called out something that your subscribers would comment on (re: a coat of spray lacquer), or had a safety tip that was aligned with your current project process. As an avid woodworking-watcher-not-doer these things always made your videos stand out from others more focused on training-type videos or the "look how i did this" videos.

    Above may sound like I am not appreciative of your contributions but that is far from the truth. Your videos have inspired me and I share your name with everyone I come into contact with as a great place to visit on YouTube and the web. Thanks for continuing to teach and amuse me on a daily/weekly basis and look forward to more of your insights and videos.

  2. Awesome room. My uncle built my Grandma a drop down sewing station somewhat like your work table. It's about 10 or 11 inches deep with shelving, and the leg on it is made hold spools of thread with a cork board for putting pins and needles in.  I'm going to re-purpose it soon for my art studio.