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Início Marcenaria MAKING WWMM: How I Make My Videos, From Project Design to Upload

MAKING WWMM: How I Make My Videos, From Project Design to Upload


A behind the scenes look at a typical week making WWMM videos. Please visit CASPER and take $50 off your first mattresss▻ …



  1. I've been watching your videos on and off for a couple of years. I now subscribe so I don't miss any. The information you provide is really useful, and I appreciate your humour. Mostly, I appreciate you being a normal, practical guy without the wood-sniffing pretensions of quite a few other channels whose followers are more concerned with specifications and mastering 18th Century technique, rather than actually BUILDING something. Good job! thanks

  2. As a YouTube viewer, what can I do to increase your revenue from my visits? Should I like? Does sharing really work? Do you get extra credits for viewers staying to the end of the show? I normally do all 3, but it would be good to know how YouTube rewards you so we can all help you grow your channel. thanks

  3. Steve, Thanks for all your fun but hard work! As a newbie at wood working, your tips allow me to to be creative with my disability (NO sympathy allowed!), spare bedroom as a workshop and some basic tools. Love the new hobby and the help you give. Thanks a lot! Dale Hansen

  4. I'm a new subscriber, and now I've become a follower. You're amazing! Never though there's so much work behind your "so simple" wood work tutorials. And in did they're for mere mortals like me that just begin my interest in woodworking. Thank you so much for sharing your funny humor and skills! Blessings from Tampico, México!

  5. Great Video, Steve… Thanks for all the info… I figure it's best to copy the camera and mic because it's obvious how good that works on Youtube… I had NO idea my very good camera (for taking ebay pics) had no mic capability…

    Keep rocking on the videos… Between you, April Wilkerson, DIY Pete, and Jay Bates, I won't have time to design my own because I'll be building yours!!!

  6. Wow! I have a totally different view and appreciation for all of your videos now. I honestly had no clue that so much went into your videos and business as a whole. You are one of the very few shows that I watch most every episode ( I'm still catching up) regardless of whether it is a project I am interested in for myself. Your insight and ability to not over complicate things while still turning out awesome and beautiful projects is very inspiring. Thanks so much for what you do for all of us each and every week!

  7. Thanks for the how to. I love to see how other creators are doing their thing. I really love your videos keep them coming. I haven't made any woodworking videos yet but l have been experimenting with Kayak Fishing videos. The biggest problem with that is you have to actually catch fish.

  8. One of your best videos. You really explained the intricacies of creating videos, and the emphasis on story telling I think was the most important detail. Your woodworking videos have a strong story telling element to them, apart from offering excellent advice for burgeoning work working. Thank you so much for posting this behind the scenes video, and frankly, thank you for channel!!

  9. I find the audio and video quality throughout and between videos to be really exceptional and consistent. A few other of my favourite channels often have inconsistent focus and terrible audio levels (one one channel, I sometimes watch the video with my hand on the speaker volume knob and have to keep adjusting).


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