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  1. I'd like to start this project, but trying to figure out how much of each wood I need is pretty nerve racking. And trying to math everything together to figure out how long and how many of a board that I need.

    Is there anywhere that it says something like this: 4-8ft 1x10s. 2- 8ft 1×8…etc?

  2. Cool project. The only thing I have some doubts about is the insides of the drawers. Usually those are used to store bed "supplies" – sheets, pillow cases, etc. Having those on just wood, however polished it is, is not a good idea – those tiny wooden particles will be there for years. Maybe it'd be a good idea to lacker the insides or install some kind of liners?

  3. Great Video! just one thought, in order to recover some of the lost storage space below the head area, you could use some sort of spring-loaded tiltable slat array, that would tilt up along with the mattress and allow access to the full area below the mattress. In that case, we could give up the 2 side drawers, content with only 4 drawers below the feet area.