[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIk1EIJ_Pxs?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

Download my FREE GUIDE to setting up a shop for under $1000 ▻▻ http://mytoollist.com/ Here’s a sturdy, folding sawhorse that won’t take up much storage …



  1. Awesome video. I'm not feeling the pocket hole setup. Can I just pilot hole the other side and run screws from the top?

    My issue is that I don't have a lot of power tools. I'm trying to build saw horses to build a work table. This work table will double as a saw table. I see all these videos using routers and drill presses and other fancy stuff that I just don't have yet. There's no room in the budget for $100 of pocket holes.

  2. These are great saw horses. I added some half-lap joints as found on Brian Taylor's channel. Also, (maybe an overkill) but I used oak wood to make the 1×2 pivoting hooks for the shelf. I did this after one of my sawhorses fell over (while folded) and the "hooked" end of the 1×2 broke. The oak wood is seemingly stronger. I also participated in "The Weekend Woodworking Class" and really enjoyed it. Still have a few projects to complete, but I will. Thanks for the ideas you put on Youtube Steve…

  3. Once again you saved the day! I´ve been searching high and low for some really good folding sawhorse plans. Found a few, including 3 plans of my own but none of them were as good as yours! Great job! Thanks! I have about 20 OSB boards in the garage so I´ll be using that instead of plywood

  4. This design worked out really well for me. As a beginner, most of my time has gone into building shop stuff – french cleat storage, stands for my drill press and bandsaw, etc. So I recently upgraded from a portable jobsite table saw to a very nice used contractor table saw. Working in a small garage, I needed an outfeed table that would store against the wall when not in use. I built Steve's sawhorses, but taller – about 34". With some shop made height adjusters, these work perfectly as support for my outfeed table, which is basically a chunk of baltic birch plywood. Quick setup and breakdown, stores in a small space.

    I picked Steve's design because it's simple, clever, and works great. Thanks Ramsey.