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  1. I built it for my wife as a surprise gift. She (and all her friends) LOVE it. I used birch plywood for both the frame and the panels. I was on a budget and couldn't do the expensive LED light set so I went with a $2.99 wally-world LED light set for a Christmas village. Not quite as bright as the more expensive set, but some white paint on the back of the panels helps bounce the light around and nearly makes up for it. (I attached the light string to the panel with hot glue.) Thanks for a great project and a great gift idea!

  2. Hey Steve! I am more of a Diy'er small crafter. Do you think it would be beneficial to get a scroll saw or something like the Bladerunner X2 from Rockwell? I don't have very many tools and am really getting into wood working! Just wondering your thoughts. Sometimes I buy beginner stuff and grow out of them so did't want to waste the money!