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Trying out your suggestions for more weird ways to stain wood! ▻ Ask your contractor to use Metrie products on your next home project. http://bit.ly/2jTned3 …



  1. The great thing about fuming a wood with ammonia is that it goes so deeply since it's a chemical reaction with the wood. You can plane it and sand it afterwards and the colour remains. The motor oil is interesting, the open grain of the oak probably captures the dirt and metal particles making the grain really stand out, this might work quite differently on a closed grain wood.

  2. gorilla glue. Since its made from polyurethane just put a few dabs and work it into the wood. You have to come back and wipe it a few times every 5 or 10 mins to remove some glue from foaming up and getting hard. please try this one and give me a shout out this method will be your best aside from ammonia promise you. Names eribel by the way love your channels

  3. I just started (in my mid 20s) learning and wanting to mess with woodworking and carpentry in general and I had this thought while in the garden "what if you used blueberries or something as a stain and let the sun weather it a little bit"

    Then I find your mustard-stain video so lucky I gotta do an experiment now