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  1. Pretty cool minimalistic yet classic-looking table. I'm curious: that thing you massaged into wood with a piece of cloth – was it polyurethane lacker, an oil varnish or a stain? I thought oil varnish can't be covered with lacker so I think it's a stain. Nevertheless, I'd be grateful if you could find a bit of time to explain that.

  2. Hey just wanted to ask, I probably have much less experience than you but I know a thing or two about woodworking and was wondering how you are so sure about the durability of those glue joints when they are all end grain? my understanding is that if one of the two surfaces being glued are end grain it is an inherently weak joint

  3. At the 4:50 mark, the shadow from your camera with the sunlight behind it shows up on your workshop wall (and sometimes on you). It gives the production a nice home movie feel. I'm on the list for the next course. I can't wait for you to convince me to actually power up the router I bought six months ago!

  4. hey Steve I'm planning on making a 4 post bed but I'm not sure what type of wood to use I'm a very big guy 6'7'' 400+lbs I have done a little wood working but nothing that needed to hold weight over 100lbs I was thinking of 4×4 for the posts and cutting half lap joinery for the side rails do you think it would work I'd love to get your advice