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How to design a cutting board using Cutting Board Designer and then build it in the wood shop. I made mine using Cherry, Walnut and Maple. Download the …



  1. Steve – Nice. Just 1 small detail that may need clarification… when you a talking about the length of your boards,
    you seem to be saying the length determines the thickness of the final board. This is not so. It is the width of your
    slice after first glue up that actually determines the board's thickness.

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  3. Steve: If you are going to endorse a product ( 1024studios Cutting Board Designer ) you should do your research first. The latest version is loaded with bugs and issues and most people are saying don't waste your money buying it. Even though the software costs only $10 what good is it if it doesn't work properly and you have absolutely no way to contact the designer. He doesn't even respond to negative comments on his YouTube video channels. I've always enjoyed your personal videos until the one where you endorse the cutting board software. Don't ruin your web image or following by endorsing a product with significant faults, Food for thought.