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  1. Good info, I like. I need to get better at cutting board maintenance too 🙂  Vinegar and baking soda, an acid and a base…seems like they would simply neutralize each other and have no effect. And for smoothing an end-grain cutting board how about a block plane since their name comes from their original purpose — planing end-grain chopping blocks?

  2. I use linseed/flaxseed oil to treat cutting boards. Not the boiled kind, but the one you use for salads. AFAIK, linseed/flaxseed oil is the only cooking oil that actually polymerizes completely. That's exactly the reason why we use boiled linseed oil for treating wood! Note that the stuff you buy for treating wood often has some additives in it to allow it to polymerize faster (oil drying agents). Those are NOT food safe!