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Get $50 off any mattress! https://casper.com/woodworking These are awesome mattresses. Comfortable and inexpensive. A Murphy Bed is a great way to free up space in your home and making your…



  1. Great video. There's something I'll like to ask though. I'm working starting a wall bed manufacturing business here but I want to construct the stud plates and male and female hinge plates to reduce my cost. Is there a way you can help with the dimensions of the plates? Please. Thanks.

  2. I have a question about the arch that the full size mattress has in a Murphy bed configuration? This video shows a ceiling fan in the room where the Murphy bed is installed. I want to install a Murphy bed in my spare room and I want to install a small ceiling with light as well. I want the bed to swing from head into position. I am concerned that the arch of the bed will contact the fan.

  3. Is it possible to modify this project to fold out widthwise and use the same hardware? Also, would it effect the function if I lightened it up? It would be going in a lightweight tiny home with weight limited. Wont skimp on bed platform but wanted to lighten up cabinet. Just to hide away bed right? Or is cabinet structural? Also would be using twin mattress instead of queen size. Great video, good job not getting bogged down with details so as not to overwhelm us novices.