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Início Marcenaria How long do you REALLY need to shake spray paint?

How long do you REALLY need to shake spray paint?

Testing spray paint: The results were surprising! FREE PLANS for The BASIC MOBILE WORKBENCH ▻▻ .



  1. I think your experiment was rather scientific, your control and dependent variables were spot on and the qualitative analysis seems to speak for itself. Let's put it this way, I am an Engineering Student at Cal Poly and I have seen less scientific experiments from my colleagues. Thanks for all of the hard work.

  2. Great scientific (sorta) evaluation… but after all that… having proven that in your non-random test (new cans, straight from likely one source) shaking didn't matter… you then said you'll continue to shake for 15 seconds.

    WAIT… WHAT??? Your own study showed no need to shake. At best shake 5 seconds to make even ACE perform better from the outset (and you did like ACE the best). There was NO difference between 5s, 10s, 30s, 60s, 120s… WHY OH WHY would you then go to 15s for life?

    Oh. I get it. You're like the mathematician who buys the lottery ticket. You know the odds suck so you buy two tickets to double your odds. Then when you lose you nod understandingly because two times zero is still zero.

    Tsk tsk.

    I learned from you today. I'm shaking 5s to get rid of the 'ACE sucks sometimes' issue and that's it. (for freshly bought spray cans)

  3. Hey Steve, I’m seventeen years old and living in South Africa… your videos are so inspirational, my grand father did wood working. He past away in 2010. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your effort for all of us new comers out there. Keep up the great work

  4. My method is to shake for a few seconds till the ball is moving. Then place said can in a sink of warm water for a few minutes, shake for a few seconds, back in the water trying to even out the temperature of paint in the can. Then give it a final shake till I see dents in the bottom from the ball hitting the bottom. I place it back in the water between coats.

  5. Love your videos. I think of the shaking is important when a can has set on my shelf for months without use. Also I have noticed some paints (metallics, special effects….) do require a LOT of shaking before and during use to keep the stuff mixed properly. I once used a wrinkle paint that said to shake for 3 minutes and I gave it a good solid minute of shaking and it never wrinkled like it should, so I did it again after shaking 3 solid minutes and it wrinkled perfectly.

  6. When painting models as a youngster, a helpful hint to make sure sure to get consistent coverage with metallic/metal flake paint was to place the can in a bowl of hot tap water for a minute or so, wiping the can dry, and giving it a quick shake before spraying. This worked really well to get a very smooth finish as well, and it's now my SOP any time I apply any sprayed on finish.


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