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These salad servers are simple to make in a couple hours and they make great gifts. Free cutting template ▻ http://bit.ly/saladserver Build your own website with …



  1. Love your videos and projects, Steve! I( recently made a couple of your razor sharpening boxes…sure beats the ratty pair of old jeans I left lying on my dresser!)

    But I have to take exception to you recommending this as a good first project for somebody new to the bandsaw. Resawing a profile in a tall, thin board right out of the gate? As a 30 year veteran shop teacher, that's not something I'd recommend to a bandsaw newbie.

  2. I just found you, and what I would really like is for some really nice dinning room chairs. So few people have them. I just subbed to your site today. If you could make some chairs for some dining room tables, I would be VERY happy. BTW, love your site. It has been more than helpful.

  3. Hmmm- Id take your HF saw over my old 3-wheel Delta any day. Or maybe for just one day. HF is a crap shoot I've had mostly good luck. If it weren't for HF guys like me would never have gotten off the ground! I'm making these tongs for a white elephant at my company party