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A new method for storing my hand tools and allow me to get rid of my pegboard. I decided on using french cleats to hang screwdrivers, pliers and other items.



  1. Ha ha. I am in the middle of building my own. I love it so much I am doing same system for my electronics lab as well. Anyone thinking of doing this, then yes you have to do it! The best part is being able to move hangers about. One thing I did was make my cleats five inches top to bottom as I found this gave me better fixings on large hangers. I have used 1/2 inch ply and made holders for not only the screw drivers but all my heavy power tools as well. It is surprising how strong these can be made.

  2. love ur channel it's always entertaining and informative! I've never seen a french cleat system before that's really cool, my entire back garage wall is already pegboard but I think I'm gonna have to build a section of french cleat to hold some of my heavier stuff! By the way in your beginning woodworking video I thought u threw ur handsaw away cuz u don't need them yet I see u still have some hand saws, shame shame lol jk =p Keep the videos coming!

  3. Perhaps a counter sink for the screwdriver handles to rest in would prevent them from falling out. Im going to b building a bench soon n was going to do pegboard but since decided to go the french cleat route. For screwdrivers,drill bits, whatever else the design will work for im doing solid blocks with the tops at about 15-20 degrees for easier access when grabbing.

  4. Too restrictive, Steve. Frankly, I love a sheet of 3/4" plywood and framing screws. You can put the tools wherever you want and are not restricted to rail location. If one is afraid of marring tools on the screw threads, get some 1/4" plastic tubing, cut to length and slip the pieces over the screws prior to install. Quick and simple with mounting configurations limited only by the imagination.

  5. I like your system very much but I have not a great deal of space so most of my walls have cupboards but what spare wall space I have is going to have sheets of ply on a series of swinging doors and spaced about 3" apart and I am going to use french cleats and hang my regular tools on them. Saw it on You-tube and will hold much more.