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  1. Hi Steve, good job (as always), I've almost completed this, slightly differently; I used a 20mm thick hardwood dowel for the spike, after routing the 2 legs with a round nose bit. It looks nice, time will tell if it was a wise choice. Wish I'd found your plans beforehand! What spray wood lacquer do you use? And greetings for over the pond.

  2. Hi Steve, new to woodworking and have been watching your videos ! I don't have a bandsaw or hole saw , so I'm going to try a jig saw , any tips before I mess this up hahah , also thinking bout using some of the leftover steel and dowel and glueing sandpaper to it as a spindle for my drill!

  3. I’ve recently made one of these tables. I made one upgrade to the design. Instead of a fixed metal stake I replaced it with a 3/4” coupling nut and screwed in a 5/16” X 8” bolt this way the stake can be removed. You can also make a base for it to stand on hard surfaces and just screw it in using the coupling nut inside the leg. Thanks for the how too.