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  1. Steve about the bandsaw cuts, there are nowadays blades with a variable TPI, the cut they give is really good and accurate. Might be worth a try. I resawed with a 3/4 tpi or "varitooth" 5/8" blade and basically only had to do some minor smoothing to get a finished surface. It changed how I worked with the bandsaw producing such better quality cuts.

  2. Steve, I went to the link provided for the plans but it brings me to a like or do not like message. Is there some where you have the plans written out. I can not tell you how much I enjoy your videos. I have another question, where do you buy all your lumber?. I am just getting started and I do not have any wood to speak of. I do have a mill close to the house and I bought a planer, so I hope to venture towards that process. It is people like yourself that makes You Tube a great tool.. Hope to hear from you…….Pete