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  1. Hi Steve i'm loving your site, at the moment i;m in the process of making your collapsible sawhorse unfortunately i don't have a pocket hole jig, difficulty finding one in Ireland but i googled how to make pocket hole without a jig and low and behold i found out how to make them for the moment until i purchase one on Amazon.
    i'm also looking to make your purple bench, but i don't have the measurements for the bench, how do i obtain the measurements for the purple bench, ps i will feed the on one at a time, Regards Shay Roche from Dublin, Ireland.

  2. I'm new to woodworking and just purchased a used table saw. I'm curious. Is there a reason you choose to use a miter saw to cut the wood over a table saw? Would there be any difference if I cut the wood using a table saw? Thanks. Going to try to make this project thanks to you. 🙂

  3. Hi I'm a complete beginner at woodworking and I'm doing this for an eagle project.

    Some things that are not clear to me are:

    1. what type of wood to use
    2. how long the deck screws need to be and as well as, how many
    3. how pocket screws work.
    4. and how much paint do i need?

    It would be really nice if you could also give me some tips 🙂

  4. my wife calls me perfect, yep! She says that I'm, "the perfect example of imperfection." She says she knows how to have perfection in woodworking, "she buys it already made from the store.
    Hi Ed, Good job, mmmmm? What's this guys name anyway? No I didn't say his name was anyway.
    Have a great woodworking day, and no clowning in the shop, it's dangerous.

  5. Can you paint in any color you want instead of purple? Because my favorite color is green and I was thinking of painting my park bench (whenever I build one) lime green. Can you also paint the pocket holes too or will that be hard to put the screws in (actually maybe I could just paint the pocket holes after I put the screws in)??

  6. Built this bench over this past weekend. Wife told me to take down an unused sandbox that I was asked to build two years ago out of untreated 2x10s. Then she said she wanted a bench to go where the sandbox was. It is a shady spot under a large tree. I wanted to put a patio there, but was over-ruled in favor of a sandbox. When she said "bench", I instantly thought of this one. Ripped the 2x10s to 2x4s, discarding the part that was in direct contact with the ground. Even reused the 3" deck screws! She's happy with the bench, and I am finally getting my shady patio. Total cost: one 3/4" dowel. Thanks, Steve!