FREE PLANS for The BASIC MOBILE WORKBENCH ▻▻ How I built a basic gate. It’s pretty easy to build one. The main thing …



  1. Hey there, great video. I just finished a similar gate, but my OCD kicked in when it came to leaving the last picket as a narrow piece. My gate was in the middle of a long fence, and I wanted it to blend in. I did the math and narrowed each picket in the gate to the appropriate width so they would all be the same, no small pieces. I stacked 3 at a time on their sides and used my electric hand planer to take off 1/16" at a time. Quick and easy!

  2. Love your videos and I subscribed long ago, but as a concrete guy I need to speak up. It's concrete, not cement. If you add water only to cement it's not cement anymore, it's slurry. If you add anything else to the slurry mixture it becomes concrete. The way you anchored your posts will work for a while but the cement in your mixture will ruin the posts. Treated lumber or cedar will last a bit longer but it will still degrade. There are post saddles with rebar under them that would work great.