segunda-feira, agosto 3, 2020
Início Marcenaria BOOM Box Amplifier! Explosive Sound For Your Tunes.

BOOM Box Amplifier! Explosive Sound For Your Tunes.

FREE PLANS for The BASIC MOBILE WORKBENCH ▻▻ ▻▻ How about a TNT plunger BOOM box to play your MP3s?



  1. Plunger for switch: Don't wire the switch to the board, run a couple of trace leads instead.Mount the switch inside so it's perpendicular to the plunger rod. Mount a plastic flap on the side of the rod so that it flicks the switch down (on) and up (off) and put a 90 degree channel on the rod so that it can be turned to stay in the up (off) position.
    Easy no?

  2. I don't think it would be that difficult to make the handle the on-off switch. An original Dynamite plunger works by having a metal plate on the bottom underneath the handle attached to one of the terminals and having the other terminal attached to the gear assembly that the handle rides against. When the handle is all the way up the circuit is incomplete (off), when you hit the plunger the metal handle creates a complete circuit between the gears and plate that detonates the dynamite. It shouldn't be that hard to adapt it as an on-off switch for the batteries.

  3. There are more shootings concerning loud base music in cars from a anger raging public that does not want its space impeded with loud noises like your insulting of drivers who want quiet.  I have seen cars with the boom music come to a halt and their cars  smoking only to have police come along and arrest them for distrubg and harassing drivers with a deadly weapon such as the loud music.  It has been in some news casts. The Feds want to have jail sentences for these corrupt drivers.

  4. Why not put a generator in with a charging circuit in the box and a gear rack onto the plunger? So you can charge it by pushing the plunger down, would work exactly like a real detonator box.
    Also maybe volume and tone pots under the handscerws? Or maybe a volume pot under one, and a turn switch under the other, so you don't have to have a squtch on the front. So instead of using them as real screws, they would be attached to the shaft of the pots, and you can control the volume with it. Would be awesome!
    Also I love this project, I'm making it this weekend, and I'm very happy I will be able to, as I only have a jigsaw, a hand drill, and a drillpress, so can't really do rip cuts for example :c
    Thank you very much for the idea!

  5. I also think it would be cool to have a functioning plunger. I'm not sure how to loop it into the power source, but if you switched out the nut on the bottom for a washer and added a spring around the all thread bar, you'd at least be able to push the handle. That'd be at least half the fun. This was a really cool little project. Also the aesthetic of having two colored wires run from the two wing nugs on the front to inside the box would nifty looking.


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