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  1. Been watching your vids for a long time. I learn and smile with each one. My grand son and I will be making some of these for sure. At 5 years old he uses a scroll saw quite well, with much supervision of course, but these are great ideas to build on. Have started my own wood channel and am gaining a new respect for what it takes to get one out a week! Not as easy as you guys make it look, but I'm learning and it's fun. Thanks again for the above ideas. Will definitely use them. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Been a big fan of WELDBOND since it came out when I was a kid. Can glue metal to glass to concrete etc. Much more than a wood glue. Used it when it first came our on some pavers my grandfather was putting down. One corner broke off, so I glued the corner back on and it is held together forever.