FREE PLANS for The BASIC MOBILE WORKBENCH ▻▻ ▻▻ In this video, I show how I made two toy airplanes: a …



  1. Steve, you've inspired me! I'm a wannabe hobbyist woodworker. I always doubt myself (i see projects like yours and think "how can i ever design by myself and make stuff like that?" ), but seeing how far youv'e come in developing your process, how you make your videos educational and so FREAKIN' funny at the same time (not that you weren't experienced when you started making videos) has inspired me to get started! One day, hopefully I'll be just like you when it comes to making a difference with your woodworking passion(maybe a little more sane… :D)

    so thank you Steve,

  2. I love your video but you and I have a completely different definition of what is scrap. I think of scrape as being irregularly shaped cut offs. Where on the other hand you seem to have full sheets of plywood that are "scrap". Just saying, but keep up the great work I really enjoy watching your videos.

  3. I saw that Mystery Spot bumper sticker. A Long time ago they used to tie those advertisements on to your bumper with 2 pieces of wire while you were inside of the attraction whether you wanted them or not . I have been to Santa Cruz many times living in the Bay Area. I love the beaches and the boardwalk. And I also like your videos very much. I have learned a lot watching them, keep up the good work.
    Also, I have recently started building shelves myself. one is a 3 shelf unit with blind dados hanging on a French cleat next to the TV in our bedroom to put DVD player and DVD's on. The other one is a four shelf unit with locking doors on top of my workbench on our balcony at our apartment to lock my tools in.
    Maybe I'll send pictures later when I figure out how.

    P.S. I have seen those Leyline (sp) attractions similar to the Mystery Spot, moving around the country with carnivals when I was younger. I don't think there's much to them. Optical illusions. But still fun for kids.

  4. Nice charity work Steve also i made my first wood airplane, thanks to you woodworking has really got me going. and keep me active and met a lot of new friends to. I,m sending a pic.of my plane to you.A 787 dreamliner from another YouTuber that inspired me to. Thank you for inspiration to all us woodworkers

  5. Steve, Thanks so much for the PDF template. It makes building the planes much easier. I was having trouble removing the paper after cutting out the pieces. I guess my glue was too strong. To solve the issue I first covered the wood with painter's tape and glued the template to the tape. After cutting out and sanding the pieces the tape came off easily. I, now, have a fleet of planes for some toddlers to enjoy. Thanks again. Mike