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WATCH Beginners Guide to Pocket Hole Joinery here ▻▻ https://youtu.be/mvO6zaIUO18 Can you use regular screws? Should you use both screws and glue?



  1. Look into the porter cable jig . More expensive but makes the Kreg look and function like a child's toy .
    (you set this solid unit on a surface , set the drill collar one time for all boards , set the clamp one time for each thickness (simple release and reclamp with one hand), adjust the hole spacing with curl knob read the screw recommendation on jig side (auto ) and more . This in combination with dado cuts eliminates gluing on cabinet frames .

  2. Steve, there is a very easy and cost effective way to fill the holes left behind by pocket hole joinery. Simply put some wood glue in the pocket hole. Then, take a 3-8” diameter dowel (of the same species of wood if you are staining) and shove it into the pocket hole. Next, cut the dowel flush with the work piece using a Japanese pull saw. Finally, sand the area and you will never know the plug was there.

    To fill the next pocket hole, simply cut the angled end of the dowel straight with a miter saw and shove it into the next pocket hole. Lather, rinse, repeat!

    Have a happy New Year!

  3. If you live near a Menards, grip fast screws are about half the price of the grip rite Lowe's counterpart, are less than $4 for a 1 pound box, and come in torx/star drives (my preference) or pH&square combination. Most lengths have smooth shanks near the heads and so they're the only screws I use for pocket holes

  4. I got a pocket hole jig (Kreg) a couple months ago from the big store. I have been looking at getting one for about a year. Watching your vids has given me a good understanding of how to apply them to my work and gave me the comfort to purchase the Kreg pocket hole jig. I had always used butt joints or (not very good) miter joints. Now, my work is cleaner and quite strong.
    I plan on adding more of the Kreg pocket hole jig products to my tool bench. Honestly, I don't know how I did it without them.
    Thank you again for taking the time and effort to present this in a very relatable way.
    You are kinda corny, but I think that helps your presentation.