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  1. I loved this, Steve! Been watching you videos for ages, but I think this is my fav.
    The way you worked out cutting the fronts and backs of the drawers, all the adaptations and problem solving, and the fact that you show your mistakes and how you rectify them is gold. Plus I like that you say, "Oh you can probably work out a better way." Love your lack of ego!
    And things like using the playing cards as spacers – genius! Most people have playing cards so it's something everyone can do.
    Loved seeing the TARDIS in the background, and loved your 'why buy one when you can build your own at twice the price" comment. Yes they can be bought cheaper, but the experience can't. Building something like this teaches the builder new skills and tricks and how to overcome mistakes – can't put a price on that.
    Thanks for sharing your joy of wood-working – you're an inspiration!

  2. While working with wood, you need to keep in mind the humidity factor. I think you should have stayed with the looser one. The drawer won't fall out, but it'll sure have some wiggle room in case the wood takes on moisture due to humidity. Well done tho! It looks apothecary-ish. I love it!