Here’s a fun project to get you outdoors. You’ll need 8 boards, a miter saw, and a drill to make this three tier planter. Full how-to article and free plans: ______…



  1. you know i have watched alot of other guys build things and the really don't explain as well as you do!!! i was always afraid to build something or mess it up. i would like to thank u for explaining it for beginners. i made the work bench for my first project and love it. Also bought some tools that i was afraid to use, but you have made me understand them now, Love my miter saw now!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Finished this project today. Very quick and easy. Pretty fun and nice project. Sucked a bit for me though because I live in NM and the wood warped by the time I got it home -_-

    But one suggestion I have for when you plant in the boxes: get some landscaping fabric or plastic. Line the inside up with a little bit of it and just use a staple gun to line up the box with it. Make some slits or holes in the bottom for drainage. This will help prevent your soil becoming contaminated from the material in the stain or finish (if you finished yours.)

  3. This is the perfect project I am looking because it is so simple to follow, and very elegant when done. A lot of savings because I have a lot of available wood from the renovations. Share more about vertical gardening because I have limited space. Thank you in sharing this beautiful project.