1. Hallo Steve,
    I congratulate you for the new Table Saw, I am happy for You, I like to tell You that I am building your Router Cabinet Table, because I will make Frames for my  Paintings, and I liked Your Router Cabinet Table the most, it is half way done, I am recording myself doing it and put it on U-Tube later. I always  mention that it is from You and not my idea, I tell the people to go on your site and watch your Video if they want to build it. I have not the right tools and knowledge you have, but I am happy so far what I have done, I only could do it through Your teaching, and you can be sure  I will copy more from Your Projects.

  2. Hey, Steve, I'm just beginning my woodworking journey with a circular saw, power drill and basic hand tools in my apartment's dining room and little porch, and am learning everything on YouTube because I don't know any other woodworkers. My basic setup makes a lot of the online resources kind of intimidating, but your approach to woodworking has given me not only ideas but some courage to try new things and aspire to more.

    I'm glad your peers appreciate what a great resource your videos (and personality) are, because I sure do!

  3. hello Steve, been watching your videos on almost everything,as I am new to wood working.Bought  my table & chop saw for xmas last year, made a picture frame , stands for saws, saw horses & a big tool box. Took a break and went back to work to buy more tools.Now I need 1 of those steel building to move out of the basement. A lot of the stuff I bought is cause of you..Thank you for all the teaching

  4. There are people who deserve gifts, and then there are some who don't. I have long been of the opinion that anyone who has done so much in teaching folks how to enjoy themselves in a useful, honest and worthwhile, manner, are the ones who are deserving.  Steve, having watched as many of your excellent videos as I have, I put you right up there, at the TOP of the deserving folks. Keep up the good work..

  5. your a great wood worker that most folks can relate to.using the tools you do.I have watched lots of guys build very high end furniture with powermatic and sawstop tablesaws but I like watching your stuff more.your easy to follow along with. so yes I am also glad you got a better saw,good for you and keep workin!!!

  6. Years ago my wife said "go buy yourself that snowblower you wanted" and off to Home Depot I went only to return with the big Rigid table saw. The problem with the big saw is it's always in the way, but every time you use it, you will think it's worth the space it occupies! My saw is virtually identical to yours so I can say with confidence that you'll love it!

  7. I had my table saw hit the grave.  I bought a Skill, as it was all I could afford, it has wings in the miter slots, what make sled's hard to make, it also is limited to space.  I received a little money from my sister and bought a Ryobi and it also has the wings, but it has an extension, and I was able to get a dado plate for it, as I was not able to get one for my Skill saw.  I once had a liking for Skill and Ryobi, but now I wish I had the money to go beyond,  I also was a fan of Harbor Freight, but they don't have a store near me, and even at that I have been burnt, not using the tool right away and finding problems after 90 days when the return ran out, and they said to me, "tough luck"! Well, thank the Great God above, I still have my shop and a few customers, and @ 74 am able to build some things to sell.

  8. well I'll tell you this much…You're an inspiration to so many people and this is WELL deserved. You make videos for all of us to follow and on top of that you let us use your plans. Your qwerkyness (if that's even a word lol) makes your videos a lot of fun to watch and follow along. Keep up the great work and projects. I have built a bunch of your stuff already and will continue to build the projects you come up with because they work well in my shop. Thanks again for the inspiration!!!!