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  1. love this project! i'm wondering if you have ever made crates for storing your extra paints and stains, etc. that could be stackable? i love watching you because you teach us newbie how easy it can be! i like that you say we can make these project of your even with basic tools or work in a proshop!!!!!

  2. Love the "Box" … But oh man I wish I had your old pickup! I have a thing for American pick ups, especially the older ones! I think they'd probably take the whole road up here in Scotland though! 🙂 Oh by the way I also think your new sponsor is a great idea!! I wish it worked here in the UK too… Do you have any idea if they have any world domination plans??? 🙂

  3. hey I really love you videos. I have a question I was just wondering if you could make a video of what type of paint to paint on wood like primer and regular paint and where to buy them because I have a little bit trouble of finding the right paint for my table tops I want them to be nice in high class. if you can let me know please thank you