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  1. I built your router table and I am a fan of it. I did not build the drawers in it as I store my bits in a case. I do use both tracks. The one in the table is a combination t-track and miter track. The track on the fence is a regular t-track. I find the miter slot useful for running jigs through the router.

    25:00 Your lumber/scrap cart is easily one of the greatest woodworking projects I have ever encountered. It is the reason why I subscribed to your channel.

  2. Hi Steve,I was watching your shop tour when you came to the clamps, I was told some time ago about making clamps that are strong and cost nothing. I got a length of old drain pipe and cut it into pieces about 4 inches long and then cut them along the side. I screwed 2 bits of wood to act as handles and they work great, if you need more strength then use 2 bits on top of each other. I know I am not good at describing these clamps but they are very good and cost nothing

  3. Steve! You are one of my top five greatest inspirations to actually get me off my butt and do woodworking. Your "Mere Mortals" approach is the reason I have an interest. I'm a beginner all over again. I took shop in 1972. Now I am starting to build my own shop.

    You, Izzy Swan, Glen (DIY Creators,) David Peschuto (sp?) "Make Something", and Gokmen ALTUNTAS are my top five inspirations. Izzy Swan, Glen, and Gokmen build their own tools while you and David use purchased tools. All of you make things I think I can make. In fact, this summer I am planning on building your pop-sickle bench.

    Two of the things that really hit home with me were, first, how cheap table saws have poor fences. (That's the understatement of the year.) It has really bogged me down trying to cut a straight board. I get a lot of binding when I start with boards that have straight edges, and it gets worse with boards that aren't straight in the first place. (My next shop project is a straight edge for crooked boards.)

    The second thing that hit home was your turning down the CNC machine due to not being in line with the purpose of your channel. I am glad you recognized that. If you had started migrating to the CNC on this channel, I would sooner or later unsubscribed and probably more sooner. There is nothing wrong with doing that, but I don't have the finances for one or much of an interest in them.

    You are doing a great job and I appreciate your work. Thank you.

    PS, I'm like Matthias (Another video woodsmith I subscribe to,) I didn't plan on watching the whole thing, but ended up doing so anyway. Most 'live" hour or longer shows are more boring than interesting but you managed to keep my attention right to the end.

  4. Hi Steve. I love all of your videos. It was nice to see all the methods behind your madness. I don't know if it would be possible, but on the front of your router table where the divot is, could you remove that an put a long bit holder with a plexiglass top either hinged or held with magnets? It would make them visible as well as handy and you could repurpose your router bit box for something else. Thanks for all the great videos.

  5. Hi Steve, i am a relevant new comer to your WWMM, and i think you are a great guy, right down to earth and that's what i like about you, theirs no heirs and graces about you and the fact that you offer all your woodworking plans for free is awsome, i have watched a few woodworking videos on woodworking and they always offer their plans for a price, i myself are like yourself i would offer any type of plan i had free of charge, but i suppose theses people are making a living out of their projects and plans, i became disabled about 3 years ago now and i was so bored after working all my life never unemployed, i worked all my life and to suddenly become disabled, left me feeling a bit worthless as i watch my wife going out to work every morning and i sit at home doing nothing, that was until i started watching a great guy on youtube making projects from wood, yes the great guy im talking about is Steve Ramsey, you really gave me a purpose to get myself motivated again so i have started making wooden toys for my grandchildren and i like yourself don't have any fancy tools and i get by just fine, and i know im not the only person that you have inspired there must be hundreds of people that you have inspired over the years you have been doing this, i keep telling my wife if ever we come into some money i just might be chapping on your door one of these days to say thank you in person for helping me to get back into the race, so keep up the good work Steve your an awesome guy, by the way i come from bonny Scotland cheers

  6. the best thing you can do with things you have no home for is to simply get rid of them. give them away to somebody you know, donate, or throw away (for hopeless items) you will feel a huge weight lifted of your shoulders and be much less anxious about the state of your "stuff"