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  1. @ 3:54 Are you sure you've got enough brads in those panels?

    I think it should be pointed out that Home Depot sells properly constructed (without pocket screws) Solid Core Unfinished Hardwood Front Door Slabs by Jeld-Wen for $64.00 each. So if you bought two for $128 ($45.44 more than you spent on materials) you could have saved yourself the labor of cutting lumber and assembling paneled doors and would have gotten much stronger and more insulated doors that are pretty much guaranteed not to sag because they are properly constructed and should last for the life of your shed because they are designed for exterior applications.

  2. I know this has been out there a few weeks, but just a question about routing corners out and rounding over the edge:  Why do it that way?  Norm used to get in there with a chisel and square it off.  Just out of curiosity, why do you round the corners out vice chisel out a square corner?  I'm just curious.

  3. To those who or whom doubt that the door would last or question the use of pocket screws. Kreg has the hd jig for 2x's, it's bigger holes and screws and the screws are coated. I bought one and it is awesome! It comes with a bigger step drill bit and driver bit and screws. Check out the ad online.

  4. As i read some of the comments here it makes me cringe, firstly its a good enough job for the purpose and its not fine joinery its not billed that way or presented that way so WELL DONE STEVE FROM ME. I think they are great they serve the purpose well  .
    I am a traditionally trained qualified bench and construction joiner and mostly make things with hand tools, this kind of project can take days or weeks in my spare time –  if i went down the road on mortice and tenon or field and raised panels for fine finish, but this is not that kind of project its simple construction from low cost materials and ease of construction makes the video great.
    This type of information helps novices improve their skills in a fun and uncomplicated manor, and is presented in a informal but detailed way in my opinion –  after all they are only  SHED DOORS.
    So again nice one steve a big thumbs up from me keep up the good work i really enjoy your weekly videos.

  5. Ok, I know this is for mere mortals but pocket screwing a door together? Ok so you've glued and pinned the plywood panels in so it'll probably be strong enough. But then you cut your hinge mortises all the way through the door. Cmon man. I've seen you put together some very nice stuff. So I guess that's just lack of proper knowledge. You need the shoulder to stop the hinge. Relying on just the screws to hold the hinge to the door rather than locate the hinge, does that make sense ? All that being said I really enjoy your channel and you present really well. I hope my criticism has been constructive.