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  1. Hey Steve, I'm a student going into Highschool with the dreams of becoming a Mechanical Engineer. I love your videos, they make my day! One question I have though is; do you have any tips for me? Also, I just wanna say that, that picnic tray is sooo good! It really goes well with my– Micro Jig, Maker of The Gripper. Work Safer, Work Smarter.

  2. Steve, while i love what you do, its sometimes complicated to make sure i can get the same wood as what you're using.
    This is made from oak, but i can't find the thickness of it to buy some of the same wood at Home Depot.
    Have you considered adding the price of the wood used to your videos?


  3. Thanks for the great project to build. Looks terrific. I also had a look at purchasing your T shirt range, but have to pass. The shipping charge is only AUD 6.00 less than the cost of the item. (AUD 32.75 shirt only) Perhaps at some future time youmay get an Australian distribution outlet for your products. Otherwise keep up the good work. 🙂