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  1. Dumb question – the vertical adjustment attaches the table to the column at a single point. Even when I torque this tight there is still rotation. I seems to me there is no way to use the built in up/down platform (even with your fine bench) I am thinking I need to build a separate bench that won't move even if I am milling

  2. Speaking from experience, one of the problems with trying to use a drill press for milling is that the bearings aren't designed for that type of thrust and it may cause the bearings to fail prematurely. If you are milling wood, you might consider using a router as the bearings are designed for a lateral thrust.
    Good luck on your projects Mizerlad.

  3. Another great, simple solution to a common problem. One of the things I like about your videos, Steve, is that you're unpretentious. You don't come on as if you have any great secrets, or that you're a guru. You just show us ways to accomplish things by thinking in unusual ways. Many thanks.

  4. I really like your design because it's probably one of the fastest easiest to build designs that I've seen on Youtube. There are some wonderful drill press table designs on Youtube, and I applaud the designers and builders, but all of them require more time and materials to build than yours without really providing greater benefits. Bravo.