I made this cabinet pretty inexpensively using 1x3s and 1/4″ plywood. Next week I’ll work on the top and fence. Support free woodworking videos: …



  1. I feel like in the year and a half since you posted this, your design skills have gotten much better. From your new videos it looks like you have fine-tuned yourself to better construct things (though this cabinet is beautiful!) Specifically things like 5:07… I think if you built that today the drawers wouldn't have that notch 😉
    Very fun to watch!

  2. Thinking about what if you incorporate the idea of the switch to use on a entertainment stand so that when you leave the house out of the room wat ever you can hit the switch and viola no power waste while your gone…. plus the basic shape is already stand like just make the actual shelfs/openings on the side cut slits in the back for vent. 

  3. Steve, I don't know if you read posts to your older videos but If you do read this, It would be nice to at least have the overall dimensions of the carcass less the casters and table top. ie, height, width, and depth.. I'll be able to do the rest from those figures I will be using my old table top and router plate. I also almost completed the router lift that you made as well. I've got a 3 1/4hp Porter-Cable motor to install into it.