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  2. Folding clothes is a waste of time, therefore, I hang everything in the closet except for underwear, socks, and short pants.   I buy a whole bunch of matching white socks at one time and throw out the old ones.  Because they all match, I don't waste time pairing up socks, they all get chucked loose into the drawer.  I do own a pair of blue socks, and a pair of brown ones for when I dress up.  They get used once every couple of years.

  3. Very clever idea! I'm just getting back into woodworking after a long break, and I wanted to start with a smaller project. Would you please consider making a video showing how to make a small pet house that uses no clue and preferably no nails? My chinchillas can devour those little pine homes so quick, and the pet store charges a lot for them! Thanks for your time and unique spring cleaning tip LOL

  4. I studied and applied KonMari method myself. You may want to try refining your folding technique. Theoretically each folded item should be able to stand by itself.

    The follow-up book "Spark Joy" has some illustrations of the approach. Beyond that, there are several dozen articles and videos of other people's take on folding.

    That being said, there is nothing wrong with whipping up a solution. Especially if it sparks joy for you.