How to transfer an inkjet photo to wood

I’ve had a lot of requests asking me to elaborate on my inkjet to wood photo transfer technique. There is not a lot to the process, but this should help. Here’s a recent project where I first…


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  1. Goikuchan disse:

    Soo clever! I've been wondering if this would work and it seems it does! I'm gonna have to use this for my woodburning designs 😀

  2. Jo L disse:

    I'm looking to do this on a piece of wood that needs stain on it. Should I stain prior to or after the transfer is done?

  3. Try wax paper and an iron :). My wife had the idea and worked well. I found the wax somewhat sealed in the ink also (not a substation for a real sealer).

  4. Worked ABSOLUTELY perfectly – fast, easy, and beautiful

  5. do you think this method would work on like plastics or rubber?
    thanks for the informational video, man!

  6. SPPPSydney disse:

    Would this work with a color laser printer or bubble jet only??

  7. yemerican disse:

    Maaaan …. you're THE BEST!
    short tutorial but VERY helpful. Thank you.

  8. Erin Rhody disse:

    Can this technique be used on black wood? Or how would I need to adjust things for that? Any suggestions would be helpful!

  9. DD Nunley disse:

    Steve – fantastic and ever SO cool! I did one sheet of my seven-piece project and it was PERFECT! Now then, is there a product that is only the backing-type paper? I would rather not use up my label paper. Someone else uses waxed paper but my printer doesn't like that lightweight stuff so it jams. Thanks for doing this video!!

  10. Xombigod disse:

    Paper becomes too thin for my printer to accept.

  11. John Takacs disse:

    Doctor Who! I was so surprised to see that! If you are a DW fan, check out The Ohio Type 40 on Facebook. We are DW fans based out of Ohio. All DW fans are welcome though.

  12. /Vaketas /V disse:

    Muchas gracias Steve, por el consejo y por los subtítulos en español.

  13. Chris P disse:

    Can yo use Wax Paper instead of label paper?

  14. Hey Steve it's been a couple years since this was posted and I was wondering how the images are holding up. I'm thinking about doing this as a gift and want to make sure it'll last

  15. ned103 disse:

    I haven't tried it yet but, I've seen someone use Freezer Paper instead of label paper. You still do exactly as you said, you print on the shiney side. Thank you for your video on this, I've used it several times with great results every time.

  16. I love that you are a DW fan too! Loving your tutorials!

  17. hi steve  I have watched many tutorials to transferring image to wood they use  gloss gels  mod podge  etc  you don't is all these thing needed or can you  just transfer it is seen in your videos

  18. Alachas1985 disse:

    Since the ink gets transferred to the wood, I was wondering if it was possible to re-use the same piece of paper over and over, or do you need a new one each time?

  19. how cool is that!?! i love this os there a certain type of ink/printer to use??

  20. DillysADV disse:

    I have seen a lot of these. I am guessing it would not work with a laser printer.. or… would it?

  21. Dee Lirious disse:

    But what did you apply to the wood!? Glue?

  22. Marco Mari disse:

    can i use mod podge on inkjet if im not satisfied with the result what can i do to repair it?

  23. James James disse:

    im having an isssue with printing. the printer has rods with i would say look like tiny disk that help feed the paper out. its causing streaks on my images.

  24. atook rido disse:

    is that same with glossy sticker photo paper??because in my country indonesia doesnt sell avery label

  25. Would this work on wood painted with acrylic paint?

  26. Defdakilla41 disse:

    been doing this for some time. my issue has always bern getting it to stick to stained wood. Would I need to rough up the stained area first? Any recommendations?

  27. mrezwriter disse:

    Easiest tutorial EVER. Everyone else is so full of $hit, it takes them an 1/2-hour to explain what you've said in mere seconds. Thank you.

  28. Is it okay if the adhesive side is a bit sticky? Is the safe for the printer? Otherwise this looks great! I'm just paranoid lol