How to make wooden snowflakes by the dozens!

Here’s a great method for making wood snowflakes on your tablesaw. —————- Woodworking For Mere Mortals. Easy woodworking projects every Friday. Subscribe to WWMM and never miss…


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  1. This is nice, definitely making some of this next Christmas. Thanks for shearing.

  2. JayWC3333 disse:

    Thanks for sharing. I think this is a very cool project!

  3. retsaoter disse:

    No problem. Anytime I can help. Normally I would've assumed you were being condescending, but you used the correct you're.

  4. I'm glad you're perfect because i'm not. I learn from my mistakes. As a matter a fact I don't even speak English. Best regards to you. Bye.

  5. Aly Ahmed disse:

    does the glue hold the pieces well ?

  6. am i the only one who saw theses and thought wooden ninja stars ?

  7. Rein Jansen disse:

    wat is dit mooi, hier kan ik niet genoeg van bekijken.

  8. T Slice disse:

    That music … strangely made my depressed!

  9. benjamin boyd disse:

    it looks like a sheriff badge

  10. could use them as inlays :O

  11. Artur Osipov disse:

    Snowflake is just awesome! Superb, Ramsey! Never seen anything like this, the idea is great!

  12. JonnyBCreepin disse:

    Hi Steve! Greetings from Florida. I found the six pieces easier to cut out on my Craftsman bandsaw. Not very much luck with my Harbor Freight table saw;(

  13. alex edjan disse:

    steve what if i set my table saw blade to 45 degree angle?

  14. TomKaren94 disse:

    You'd get an 8-pointed snowflake.

  15. velcroman11 disse:

    Steve, will you please identify the background music you used for this video. Actually, what about putting the name of the background music in the synopisis of each of your vids?

  16. velcroman11 disse:

    30 – 60 who cares. Mind you, I wouldn't want to have the off cut on the 30 degree side of the blade. That would mean the off-cut would be "under" the blade rather that the big bit being held. Makes for a nasty picture as the off-cut and the finger go flying across the room.

  17. Jake Enns disse:

    I had to buy one of those 30/60/90 triangles at Staples too. thanks for telling us where to find them.

  18. Nillie disse:

    Then you'll either have to make eight pieces, or you'll end up with pieces with an angle that's 3/8 of a circle, depending on which side of the angle you look at.

  19. Shadoglare disse:

    I don't have a bandsaw – would I be able to do the "slicing" using the table saw or would that likely just tear them up?

  20. espookid1 disse:

    my mom said that every snowflake was different !

  21. Nathan Burton disse:

    Use a fucking crown guard! 

  22. Keith Mealy disse:

    Just made a batch of these.  Very simple with your directions.   I used some scrap cherry and hard maple, alternating.   I also found some directions in FWW #73 (Nov/Dec 1988) and American Woodworker #70 (Dec 1998)

  23. Duane Kriebel disse:

    Yay! It's been a KILLER year for sales again, THANKS Steve

  24. mark thilen disse:

    Those would make awesome christmas tree ornaments!!

  25. These could also be Christmas coasters 🙂

  26. That project brings a huge smile to my face.  I love me some Christmas!!!!!!!!

  27. Tony Jones disse:

    this is great, im new to woodworking and im going to try this

  28. Would your custom pushblock be needed if you had the micro-jig back then?

  29. Owen Wilson disse:

    Not being a dick but is the american way to pronounce hyperbolic "hyperbollock" (bollocks are testicles).

  30. Evan Manning disse:

    Mass production of ninja stars anyone?