Organize hardware in this cubby hole storage cabinet. Made from recycled wood.

Organize at least part of your workshop with this modular, cubby-hole storage cabinet. Read the full article and download plans: Download your free audio book: http://www.aud…


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  1. Troy G disse:

    Doctor Who Tardis shelves

  2. Lloyd Morgan disse:

    I think the same way. As soon as you throw it away, you realize that you need it. Murphy's law, it never fails.

  3. With most things, except 90% of handtools and all power tools, I'm on a "three strikes" method before I hurl it. If I come across a thing once and then again a second time, I'll keep it. If I come upon it for a third time and have not used it or have a clear plan to use it, it's gone. Same for almost all household contents, clothes, shoes, kitchen stuff, etc.

  4. MJCPeters disse:

    I tripped over an item for the umpteenth time, and realized I have never needed it in all the years I had it. Since trash pickup was the next morning I was proud of myself for finally throwing it away. Two days later I had to go buy another because it was the only thing to get a job done. I'm never getting rid of anything again!!!

  5. 1800cc disse:

    Nice job or re-purposing ! Good to see that you don't mind tearing down something you built and re-using it

  6. Cool. Went on YouTube to find lumber storage ideas, found your channel and started binge watching! I might make these storage shelves and finally get my tools out of my laundry room. 🙂

  7. J Moto disse:

    just get a second garage and put your stuf in it, at least youll never use it

  8. That's a ratchet with a socket I think

  9. garry smythe disse:

    Great video as always Steve, thanks for posting, keep them coming, Garry from UK

  10. Is anyone else getting a really strong stranger things vibe from the music in this video

  11. Jon Bruckman disse:

    Watching you take that apart made me a little sad… that was very early on in the long list of videos that I watched on your channel (all of them. I'm pretty sure I've watched all of them…).

  12. Was the color of paint a TARDIS reference? Bigger on the inside than the outside?

  13. Ryan King disse:

    I think it is impossible for minimalism and woodworking to go together.

  14. Jono Rezzillo disse:


  15. Love his micro jig introductions

  16. Bill Buzwah disse:

    The way you tore that cupboard apart, remind me to say nice things to you. : ] Keep up all those new ideas, thanks to you I too have to rearrange my shop. Super idea. Wonder were we get all those things ????

  17. Terry Schlaht disse:

    Drawers are where tools go to die. (And other stuff, too)

  18. ww s disse:

    Before I leave a comment on the video, I thought I would let you know that here in Scotland we are in the middle of one of the worst snow storms in the last 6 years. They call it the Beast from the east. It is coming over from Siberia and dropping in on us.

  19. Matthew Darr disse:

    Great ideas…..really enjoy your videos.

  20. POORLEO1 disse:

    My super power is keeping stuff forever and the finally throwing it away a week before I have a use for it.

  21. Scott Taylor disse:

    "this color of paint will make it a little bigger on the inside" hahahaha