Make a Shaker inspired wood coat rack with drawers

Here’s a really useful coat rack you can build in a weekend. If you dread making four drawers, don’t sweat it: I’ve come up with a simple method to make all four at once. Visit www.WoodworkingForM…


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  1. This is a great video! This is exactly the kind of demonstration on the drawers that is so useful! Thank you

  2. octobernsd disse:

    AWESOME video!  How much do you sell this for?

  3. Elia Deck disse:

    It would have been easier just to have one drawer. You'd probably use it more too.

  4. John Bull disse:

    I'm surprised you didn't make this out of pallet wood!

  5. You could have cut the bottom piece longer and just remove the excess leaving the ends protruding to fill the space between the front, back and side pieces…

  6. Tim Davey disse:

    real nice job steve
    thanks for sharing

  7. I was watching this video because I was curious how you were going to attach it to the wall.  Questions I still have are: what kind of screw or hardware would you use if you were putting it into drywall?  Would you use those drywall anchors in addition to a long, say 4 inch wall screw?  Or is it more like a drill screw?  I have no experience with this stuff.  Pros and cons of different hardware?

  8. luis adriano disse:

    que show  lindo parabéns gostei muito mesmo

  9. Xantiago P disse:

    cool project, but isn't all that wood make the coat rack very heavy?

  10. Julie Jones disse:

    I'm not a wood worker but I plan to make this project just because of how simple it looks and how amazingly brilliant the way to make drawers are. Thanks again for a great video 🙂

  11. Odds of me making this is slim to none, but I would love to have this, and I find your woodworking videos very calming and cool!

  12. Noemi2 Jones disse:

    genioooo me alegra haberte encontradoooo me ayudas a trabajar cada día mejor y trabajamos juntos

  13. I really like the way you are growing, keep it up..

  14. Lilia Chavez disse:

    Me encantó, haces ver todo muy fácil.

  15. Josue Puc disse:

    esta muy interesante tu canal me gustaria q tenga subtitulo a español

  16. Mike Milton disse:

    dude i like you. You seem like a down to earth guy. i'm a beginner in woodworking and i enjoy your videos you make them seen like all of us can do these projects thanks Mike

  17. Buenísimo! Lo voy a hacer mi proyecto de esta semana. Gracias!

  18. Muchas gracias Steve eres un exelente profesor para mi

  19. samuel romero disse:

    i really like this project this guy is amazing doing wood project since a few months ago i became a fan of his projects.. i will do this when i get all the tools needed.. thanks mister Ramsey

  20. what did you spray the wood with?

  21. I like the project, think my wife will too. But not sure what to put in the drawers – my car and motorcycle are both keyless / use keyfobs which never leave my pocket. I'm sure we'll think of something though. 😀

  22. tirpitz19 disse:

    What a bright idea for the drawers !

  23. awesome sir IAM Carpenter big fan for u ilove u sir