Impossible nail-through-wood trick.

SUBSCRIBE! New woodworking videos every Friday▻ About this video ▻▻ I used pine wood and boiled it in water for about ten minutes each time. The song is by Pete…


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  1. I posted this video years ago as a quick video showing a cool wood technique, but it is only recently that so many comments have been left about the music. I think a lot of viewers don't understand that this is a satirical protest song by Pete Seeger from 1964. It is a warning about how we brainwash our children. Everything the boy has "learned" is a lie. I think it is even more appropriate today: the government is NOT always right.

  2. Vrock disse:

    Who else is eatching in 2025?

  3. Shafi Haque disse:

    im your sons roommate btw

  4. -Genes- disse:

    If the American school system was still like this we would have a fighting chance to save our country.

  5. Bharees disse:

    But what I actually learnt is this

  6. Kayleb Moore disse:

    I dint know you could shrink wood with boiling water..that was so cool

  7. Milan Stanic disse:

    What wood you use for this?

  8. Ismail Mail disse:

    What kinds of wood that…

  9. Who watch this video in 2036?

  10. Van Litespeed disse:

    Fail, didn't even drill straight smh

  11. mohsyn bhat disse:

    I love the background song

  12. River Freak disse:

    That show's that we were given a brain to use it. Not to just carry it out anywhere.