Make a wood Shut-the-Box game.

Shut-the-Box is an old pub game. It’s fun to make and easy to play. Free plans and more info about this project: Woodworking T-shirts!


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  1. Kevin Dumont disse:

    Your ideas are genius. Thank you for sharing sir!

  2. The link to the plans is broken. Is it still available somewhere?

  3. what did you use for the top and bottom panel? Thanks

  4. heybug you ft tat rrxdxjffnhtdhf hfdzhrdzntd

  5. Kym Coates disse:


  6. Hi disse:

    The mustache isn't great

  7. Dennis Moody disse:

    I personally would like to see just how many different things someone can make using the Bird mouth Router Bits

  8. noraa jagger disse:

    i hope your lip has healed

  9. Spoder Man disse:

    anybody know where to get small latches? my local walmarts, home depot, and michaels didn't have any. odd actually

  10. Jull Taragan disse:

    could have played the ten!

  11. thanks! love shut the box!!

  12. Turki Umairan disse:

    I don't know this game, but isn't  10 = 9 + 1?Thanks for sharing.

  13. Vesterpester disse:

    There's a lot of useless volume in that box. Making the lid flat would allow those number blocks to rest against it thus stopping them from rattling. As long as you mount them bit higher up.

  14. felix malvian disse:

    What is the name of latch that you used, Steve?

  15. Tobbe S disse:

    You could make blocks the other half of the box, then player 2 could play on that side,,,

  16. Murray Lowe disse:

    Your plans for shut the box are not there anymore.

  17. You goofball, you Shook 2 fives and had a 1 and a 3 and a 8 n a 9 so you should flop down the the 9 and 1 and then shake again lol 5 n5 is 10 lmfao

  18. JGregs disse:

    I expected "This is Shut the Box in which player take turns rolling a pair of "MICROJIG!" or "I made this out of Paduke and 'MICROJIG'"

  19. So glad you got rid of that creepy mustache. =)

  20. Viviana Leyva disse:

    at the begining STOP TALKINGZZ

  21. Jacob Wilson disse:

    I am new to woodworking. Is there any benefit to flocking the inside versus using a felt pad?

  22. MrsRCharlton disse:

    I never knew that game had a name. My grandparents had one that someone made for us grandkids. It didn't have a lid though, just the tray. I'll have to make one for my kids.