Build a simple garden bench. Easy woodworking project.

Here’s a really easy park bench you can make in a weekend. I built it just using 2x4s and 1×3 lumber. Here is a rough diagram of the bench dimensions.


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  1. Steve I love your projects, do you have a more in depth cut list and assembly instructions so we don't have to keep referring back to the video.

  2. Greatly done!, if you like to woodwork this way roll up your sleeves and search for Woody Hyezmar’s book for a ton of projects, peace out!

  3. use your speed square instead of that silly piece of plastic haha

  4. Duc Ly disse:

    Steve, I used your plan and built 2 benches for the wife. She's totally happy and got off my case about not having park benches in your backyard.

  5. Ed disse:

    Hi Steve, really enjoyed this project. I'd like to make one, but slightly bigger. A width arcoss of the 59 inches. Would the same principle work ? thanks in advance. Ed

  6. Cancun771 disse:

    I miss unshaven Steve sometimes…

  7. J Apple disse:

    what would you recommend Steve? sanding all the boards individually then build or build the project then sand it?

  8. Great video steve! Just wanted to know if you have a cut list and assembly for this project.

  9. crossman20 disse:

    You can do this Chris. Just put extra sealant where legs contact the ground

  10. Marci36617 disse:

    I don't have a kreg jig. Could I join the wood by gluing and screwing into the end wood?

  11. I'm going to use your frame idea but use old fence panels in lieu of 1×3 for a rustic look.

  12. Marci36617 disse:

    What kind of gun did you use?I'm a beginner weekend project maker and I don't know which gun I should get.

  13. Marci36617 disse:

    I'm not asking about glue. I was asking about the power tool. The air gun he was using.

  14. william angus disse:

    hey Steve can u tell me the kreg jig I am wanting 1 but the description on it is max width 1.5 I am wanting to use 4×2 width is 47 mm will the kreg jig take the wood I am a novice woodworker and do not want to go to the expense of buying a jig if it isn't going to take the width of a 4×2

  15. Wabel Alwabal disse:

    I like it but the paint no if you use a wood finishing it will be more wonderful

  16. Marci36617 disse:

    The only 1×3 wood I can find is called fur strips. Are they good enough to use or should I use something else? By the way using a table saw is not an option to rip from a larger dimension wood since I don't have one.

  17. Marci36617 disse:

    What is the length of the 2×4 in between the two rails?

  18. Simple way to make that last a little longer is any surface that has the grain UPRIGHT..facing the sky (end wood), just put a board on it. That keeps the rain from soaking into the core of the wood. Nice Bench. I do think I would have painted or stained it before assembly..and wouldn't that have looked great stained with spar varnish? Yea, I know you like paint.

  19. Ivan R. disse:

    A few months ago I made your garden bench. I must say it turned out great for being my first project. I painted it with bright red oil based paint. It makes a world of difference. Thanks for the tutorial.

  20. Cool clamping jig you made there. I just made mine today. Thanks for showing that.

  21. david kelly disse:

    Fact: this is unbelievably uggly!

  22. i know its being forever this video but can you re do it as of 2017 expectations.

  23. Kilo Hertz disse:

    Does anyone has the plans for this design?


  24. hung la Fung disse:

    Are you think all these machines is simple?

  25. hung la Fung disse:

    Ha ha, I have only simple tool and I am a old lady.

  26. Anthony E. disse:

    I bought that square cut 3 years ago and love it, it even works for my jig saw when I'm too lazy to change saws because ripping with a circular saw still scares me lol.

  27. In The UK wood is more expensive, for the above project it would have cost us around $75 (£53)
    excluding glue , scews, paint. There's no way could we sell these on

  28. Marshall CHS disse:

    Built one for $30! (Minus screws/stain/poly). I used dark walnut wood stain. Looks MUCH better than red barn paint.

  29. Deiro disse:

    Trying to do without all that amazing tools

  30. I watch your videos religiously! I love how they are short and to the point. I would love a tree house video! Please please please! Your help would be super appreciated here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada!!!

  31. @Steve Ramsey- Wood working for meer mortals, what is that pocket screw thing you use. I'm interested in buying one.