How to make candy even more fun? Candy Plinko!

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  1. BronkBuilt disse:

    Love it. I need to make a plinko game for our company retreat and yours is great. Mine needs to be bigger. My back will be scrap 3/4" plywood. What do you think about using 3/8" dowels instead of nails for the spikes?

  2. Min Yoongi disse:

    You should make your own company!! You are the coolest inventer ever!!

  3. LegoSam 20 disse:

    You can make lots of money dude

  4. maineking94 disse:

    For extra fun, mix gumballs with jawbreakers.

  5. Samson Glover disse:

    stop playing with your FOOD!!!!!!!!!!

  6. you have a dirty mind about sanding dowels! : )

  7. Menesterosos disse:

    Anyone else thinks that the preview image for this video is totally creepy?

  8. Thumbs up, fun thing for kids!

  9. Puff Splix disse:

    Add hot things instead and then make the numbers into players for a nice game!!!

  10. Edward Holmes disse:

    This is one of my favourite projects 🙂 It's bright, colourful and sounds awesome when the gumballs bounce on the nails! Love it, need to try and make one myself!

  11. A Shanks disse:

    Great for granddaughter paries

  12. you look like a Pedophilia in the thumbnail no offense

  13. AIROUTHE CAT disse:

    interesting idea! but I hope you will eat all the gumball,those are food ._.

  14. Higloo disse:

    How do you make woodworking more fun? Diabetes!

  15. peanutlego disse:

    I tried to figure out how to sand a dowel by myself then burnt then whole block pls help

  16. Zenia disse:

    Fabuuuuuulooous! And also, love the colors you chose

  17. Daniel Mora disse:

    plans are not available anymore 🙁