Santa’s Mailbox. Direct service to the North Pole!

Free 30 day Audible trial ▻ Here’s a cute project to kick off the holiday season! This mailbox would be fun for kids to send …


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  1. Matt Maloney disse:

    What method did you use to come up with 11° for the angles?

  2. classic287 disse:

    That's really nice. Never seen the washer trick for tracing before. I'll be using that…

  3. I think I'm the only one that was too impressed with that washer trick. LOL

  4. Jeff Herdzina disse:

    Loved it ! But you would think that Santa has a email account. As slow as the mail service is now a days.

  5. sikkepossu disse:

    FYI: Santa lives in Korvatunturi, Finland – not in North Pole.

  6. Steve, I love your stuff.

    One way to do this is how many segmented turners glue up their segmented blanks. (Pardon me if I post this too soon, I started typing it before I finished watching the whole video…)

    1) Lay all the slats out with the narrower end face down and the wider end edges all touching snugly (just as they will be when the project is complete.
    2) Run several pieces of tape across the slats perpendicular to the cuts.
    3) Flip the project over and glue in the valleys created by the angled cuts.
    4) Roll the project into shape…The tape on the outside should give you ample clamping pressure around the curve with only light pressure on the ends keeping it in shape.

  7. That's a project to let the kids paint it. Thank you for sharing your videos. Thanks to MicroJig and Audible for sponsoring the show.

  8. That's a project to let the kids paint it. Thank you for sharing your videos. Thanks to MicroJig and Audible for sponsoring the show.

  9. Braden Welch disse:

    Personally I would've use white hardware. I think it would be more christmasier than the black.

  10. Ryan Delaney disse:

    Can you do a video about drill bits, which types there are and how to properly use them?

  11. Cancun771 disse:

    Thumbs up for the washer trick.

  12. I made a curved top chest. I found lay the stays edge to edge across stips of tape. Then glue the mating surfaces. I hung them over a sawhorse. It worked for me. If I did it over again I'd just use the ends.

  13. jiz_mousa disse:

    Looks like an irregular sized watermelon. Haha

  14. Maxid1 disse:

    The washer scribe is brilliant.

  15. Maxid1 disse:

    I knew the time of my son believing in Santa Clause was over when his last letter to Santa was a subpoena for failure to fulfill a written and verbal contract for goods and services provided in exchange for acceptable and exemplary behavior .

  16. Jim Fortune disse:

    Neat idea using a washer as an offset guide!

  17. Ben Stafford disse:

    Half way through that my two year old started demanding I make him a train tunnel!!

  18. James Morris disse:

    Just FYI, you have some sensor dust or lens dust

  19. after my son said " this isnt a boring video, i like this mailbox" i started 1 today, more tape than glue on it right now.

  20. I was searching on how to make mail boxes last week

  21. Paul Meyette disse:

    Hi Steve, both Amazon links you provided link to the digital angle finder. (I was looking for the weld bond)

  22. Ben Tutton disse:

    Could go over the outer line of the writing with a permanent marker to neaten it up?

  23. Jenn N disse:

    Steve, how are you SURE you're not repeating micro-jig jokes? I'm imagining a massive google doc, but I need to know.

  24. To clamp the bits at the start, could you put pieces with a reverse bevel on the sides of each glued piece causing them to be square? I don't know if that would work but it might be a solution?

  25. kennybo disse:

    Steve, could you not lay all the strips on tape , glue the joints and roll the timber into a half circle

  26. Gregg Macey disse:

    That washer-trick was pretty freakin cool man.

  27. Why are there purple patches on the wall behind you? Couldn't you buy some white paint instead of being cheap and just slapping on what ever you had? It's such an eye sore this way.

  28. John Turner disse:

    that was pretty cool. may need to make me one of these for our grandkids

  29. Perre Perre disse:

    Marking the back and front with the washer to get the extra overlap: super simple but also pure genius 🙂 Gotta remember that one 😉

  30. Robert Wood disse:

    Gmornin Steve! I appreciate your videos and ideas. What is the length and width at the top of the angled pieces?
    They look like they are about 12" long? The tops look to be close to 1.5" – 1.65" wide?
    Thanks for your help

  31. 12 inchs of 6 wood. for the door betr

  32. Thanks for this tutorial, I'm going to use this to make a Christmas themed geocach. Your channel has taught me a lot of how I can use the machines in my workshop (or rather my father's workshop). Anyhow thanks a lot and keep up the good work! Greeting from sweden.

  33. Craig Hastie disse:

    washer was a really cool idea!

  34. Peter Matthew disse:

    Steve, I'm in full panic mode right now! Why did I put off making xmas gifts for so long??? I need a pep talk

  35. Beautiful!
    Tell me please, what kind of ink or varnish have you used for?
    I realise that there is the color, but we can still see the wood draw.
    Pretty beautiful!

  36. Wildman Tech disse:

    My angles never jive with yours. I need a better way to measure my blade angle.

  37. I love audio books ! great mailbox ! lots of fun.

  38. Jon Rasch disse:

    How did you know you needed a 11.5 degree angle?

    Also, i need a new mailbox, im gonna try this.