Make a table saw crosscut sled for your wood shop

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  1. I can't find my old sled anymore… Well it was pretty crappy anyway. Guess this video will come in handy. My table saw has a sliding table but I've found there are a bunch of cuts you can only do safely and effectively with a sled.

  2. Kyle Love disse:

    I have the exact saw you are using in this video. I am therefore wondering about the modification you did to the standard factory fence; I can't stand it and find it difficult to use accurately. How did you attach the sturdier brace seen in this video?

  3. cajun812 disse:

    A good and simple design for a sled. Any possible interference by the top cross support pieces might be avoided by doubling the fence and back stop pieces to make them stronger. Otherwise, I appreciate the videos you share, Steve. Thanks!

  4. Steve,  Very nice video!  I will be putting this to use soon.  I received my first Table saw for Christmas this year.  I have one question.  It is a Skil 3310 and the miter slots have little tabs that stick out in two places, to hold the miterguage in, i guess.  Is it standard practice to remove these tabs?

    Thank You,
    Floyd Ply
    Arlington WA

  5. Max well disse:

    Now I have a project for tomorrow!

  6. Paul Leavitt disse:

    Thanks for making this video Steve. You inspired me to make one for my saw. It came out looking very much like this one. Haha. Well I ended up giving that saw away and am now working on another for my current saw. Once again using this video as a reference.

  7. Paul Leavitt disse:

    By the way the stop block feature does rock n roll.

  8. Mike Read disse:

    Thank you for your videos, you are one of the few that I watch each week.   The question I have, and it may be one that was talked about earlier, and I missed it, but the 3/4" slot for the bolt in the fence looks like it is too wide, as the bolt can spin in the slot.  Shouldn't the bottom be smaller than 3/4', so the bolt is secure from spinning in the slot? 

  9. Amazing ! Congratulations. Greetings from Brazil.

  10. Jim Butcher disse:

    Steve I have a question…… I built this take saw sled and my cuts are off. If I measure the piece of wood I cut it is out of square by.032 over 6"…… I wanted to see if you had any suggestions on how I could remedy this…… Thanks Jim

  11. Felipe Macias disse:

    Hey, Steve bien explicado, me pondre a trabajar, en una para mi, gracias y felicitaciones,

  12. ValDer ValDer disse:

    Неадекватный мудак.

  13. Ramin A disse:

    Great job, thanks for  this video !

  14. nice job dude" thanks for up load your video , i gona try make mine for my bosh table saw

  15. Johnson Mike disse:

    you should get a ruler screwed to the top for measurement

  16. Hi Steve
    I've made a sled very similar to yours and it works brilliant although not yet finished.
    I run an 18" wide by 6mm thick board over it so that I can try and create a perfect 90 degrees. over the 18" length. The board is about 0 to 2mm out of parallel . I've removed all the screws (except one) and readjusted my back fence pivoting 1mm then screwed it back moving the screw further (i.e. not using the old screw hole). Is there a plus or minus acceptance level whilst cutting along this 18" board length.
    I cutting a 2" by 3" timber end grain and it seems to be very good.

  17. Clint Mooney disse:

    Excellent video my friend!  Keep these coming, I really appreciate your sharing your expertise.

  18. Bino Otiniano disse:

    Thank you for sharing your videos and the respect you show for your viewers.I can watch your projects with my kids and learn a lot from it

  19. Cody Steadman disse:

    Nice easy plan. I'll be using this approach to make a sled.  Just curious but what is the purpose of the back fence exactly?

  20. djebat88 disse:

    you are a funny man Steve. I like your sled.

  21. James Norris disse:

    great project. thank you.

  22. Matteo Alonzi disse:

    Hi! I've got a VERY cheap heinell portable table saw which has just one runner on the left side of the working plane. Could this cross cut sled work good anyway with a single runner? Thanks and sorry for my english…

  23. Is that batman on your tv in the background?

  24. Loris Matheny disse:

    Thank you, Steve, for making this video. Yes, there are super, exact videos out there for making super, exact table saw sleds. I will never build a piano with my little 25 year old Makita contractor's saw. But with a simple sled I can make the almost exact cuts for the things I do make. Sometimes "Good Enough" is really good enough.

  25. sw72UK disse:

    That's my next project lined up, thanks Steve!

  26. Kyle Shell disse:

    thanks so much for all the great videos and information!

  27. Lee Smith disse:

    Thank you for the excellent video and clear instructions. Finally! A table saw sled for the real world woodworker rather than the Norm Abrams wannabes. Seriously, if you have a joiner and a planer yet you need a YouTube video to show you how to make a table saw sled, then I'd be happy to take some of that abundant spare cash you have off your hands. I think you have your spending priorities a bit backwards.

    Steve, I love your videos and your website. You are my go to whenever I need plans or instruction. Keep up the great work!

  28. Paul Castro disse:

    Thanks Steve. Jour design is simple and what makes it really work, is the the accuracy of it coming out from the table saw's own elements, as you explained it so graciously.
    Again, thanks for sharing.